Ashley brielle, 2019 ©

Who am I?

Hello! so, my name is ashley! I am a 28 year old Canadian illustrator and emote artist. I specialize in cute, nerdy and nostalgic imagery, often using food, toy and game related content in my work and lots of fan art! I also do a lot of content for twitch and discord like emotes, badges and more. please check out my site for all my work as well!

work aside i am a big gamer and I love drawing for myself too. i am a part time twitch streamer and i stream the bulk of my commissions too. i love collecting toys, nostalgic things, pokemon and other cute items. i have a giant plushie collection too! i am a very friendly person to please feel free to reach out anytime on any social media provided on my site menu or you can contact me through the site directly via email. 

have a magical day, friend! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧